College of Employment Services (CES)

Is College of Employment Services right for my organization?

The College of Employment Services (CES) courses have all the information learners need to feel confident, knowledgeable, and ready to work in employment services for people with disabilities. Our curriculum helps employment professionals learn employer engagement, job development and creation, and job retention skills leading to successful integrated and competitive employment outcomes.

“I was able to utilize both past and present experiences to work on the lessons. The instructions and lessons were very clear and straight forward. I was able to go about the lessons at my own pace.”

- CES Learner

What courses does CES offer?

We offer 17 courses with over 60 lessons related to employment services. Explore our course bundle options!

Does CES offer ACRE credentialing?

We offer Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE) certified courses as well as the required accompanying fieldwork. The CES ACRE Course is a self-guided training that includes 11 CES courses plus fieldwork. Learners who complete the CES +ACRE Course training will receive the ACRE certificate and be listed on the Certificate Registry on the ACRE website.

How can I purchase CES courses?

You can choose from 6 course bundles, or you can purchase all 17 courses for your staff. Courses are available immediately after purchase.

  • You can register up to 9 staff at once for CES Individual Learner course bundles. When registering, select the Bulk Purchase option next the enroll button.
  • Explore your options to register 10 or more staff for CES courses by Direct Course.
CES course offerings are:
  • Competency based: ACRE certified, based on APSE competencies, and eligible for CRC credits
  • Designed to meet the needs of busy professionals: online platform is available 24/7
  • Designed by Institute for Community Inclusion training personnel and based on best practices in the field
  • Engaging learners through video case studies and a problem-based approach
  • Edited by national subject matter experts

How long do learners have to complete the courses?

All courses are available for up to 12 months after purchase. Learners complete lessons at their own pace.

Course Bundles

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  • CES + ACRE Course small ACRE logo
    11-Courses + Field Work: $550

    CES's ACRE Course includes 11 ACRE-approved courses plus required activities and field work. The Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE) is a national organization that develops competencies for employment providers. ACRE reviews and certifies training programs that cover these competencies. Learn more about ACRE

    1. Foundations of Employment Services
    2. Principles of Career Development
    3. Strategies for Job Development: Part 1
    4. Strategies for Job Development: Part 2
    5. Business Perspectives
    6. Performance Coaching and Support
    7. Using Work Incentives Toward Self-Sufficiency
    8. Funding
    9. Ticket to Work
    10. Networking
    11. Job Creation


  • Job Development Bundle
    (6-course bundle): $250

    Learn about career planning, job-search techniques, networking strategies, the dual-customer approach, and understanding how to meet employers' unmet needs in these 6 courses:

    1. Principles of Career Development
    2. Strategies for Job Development: Part 1
    3. Strategies for Job Development: Part 2
    4. Business Perspectives
    5. Networking
    6. Job Creation


  • Benefits Planning Bundle
    (3-course bundle): $125

    Learn about understanding and maximizing work incentives, strategies for blending funding, and the Ticket to Work program in these 3 courses:

    1. Using Work Incentives Toward Self-Sufficiency
    2. Funding
    3. Ticket to Work


    Job Coaching Bundle
    (4-course bundle): $175

    Learn about employment services, work incentives, and remote and in-person support for job seekers in these 4 courses:

    1. Foundations of Employment Services
    2. Performance Coaching and Support
    3. Using Work Incentives Toward Self-Sufficiency
    4. Remote employment support


  • Working with Specific Populations Bundle
    (4-course bundle): $175

    Learn about working with youth in transition planning, approaches to effective job development for people with mental health disabilities, strategies for facilitating successful job outcomes for people with disabilities and criminal histories, and what to consider when providing employment services to Autistic job seekers in these 4 courses:

    1. Transition: Preparing for a Seamless Move from School to Adult Life
    2. Employment Services for People with Mental Health Disabilities
    3. Employment for People with Disabilities and Criminal Histories
    4. Employment Services for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum


  • Customized Employment Bundle
    (2-course bundle): $125 Coming Soon!
  • All-in-One CES Courses
    (17-course bundle): $345

    Purchase all 17 courses CES in one bundle.

    See full course descriptions and enroll.


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