New Article in Journal of Rehabilitation

ICI researchers involved in Think College’s RRTC on VR Practices and Youth recently published an article in the Journal of Rehabilitation titled, “Case Studies of Effective Partnerships between Institutions of Higher Education Enrolling Students with Intellectual Disability and/or Autism and Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies.” Jennifer Sulewski, Meg Grigal, Debra Hart, Russell Thelin, Daria Domin, and Nerlie Blackburn* authored the article.

Growing evidence suggests postsecondary education is an effective pathway to employment for individuals with intellectual disability (ID) and/or autism spectrum disorder. Partnerships between institutions of higher education (IHEs) and vocational rehabilitation (VR) are essential for improving access to this pathway.

This study sought to identify elements of effective IHE-VR partnerships through case studies at four sites, involving interviews with diverse stakeholders. Stakeholders included faculty, program staff, VR administrators, counselors, students, and families.

What are the key elements of successful IHE-VR collaboration? Some elements included shared values, student-centered teamwork, frequent formal and informal communication, VR support for students, and a focus on successful transition from PSE to employment.

Read the publication to learn more about our recommendations for research and practice.

*Nerlie Blackburn is a former ICI staffer.