The State Employment Leadership Network Turns 15!

Over the past 14 years, the State Employment Leadership Network (SELN) has consistently reinforced the core message that employment efforts are about creating opportunity for every individual in relationship to their family life and in balance with a community role and economic security. We help state and national partners recognize the importance of persistent efforts over time to influence the needed cultural and political changes. In total, we have worked with 40 states through their investment in SELN membership since we were founded in 2006.

On July 1, the network kicked off its 15th membership year. This innovative project was the first national organization to shine a spotlight on the need to improve competitive integrated employment outcomes in partnership with state intellectual and developmental disability systems. Unlike grants, SELN work is supported completely through annual membership dues. These state commitments are transformative efforts for the benefit of individuals with IDD, their families and their local communities.