ICI Staffer Joins MassCUE Champions

Lori Cooney, program coordinator and universal instructional design specialist at ICI and 2012 MassCUE Pathfinder recipient, has been invited to join the inaugural cohort of MassCUE Champions.

MassCUE is the largest education-focused technology group in New England. They work to connect all learners to technology that can help them succeed at school and after entering the workforce.

Cooney develops and coordinates the Future Quest Island-Explorations(FQI-E) project at ICI. FQI-E is an online accessible college and career readiness curriculum for students with and without disability in grades 3–5. The curriculum uses gaming strategies to motivate and support improved self-concept, social and emotional competence, and early college and career awareness, using the evidence-based “Possible Selves” framework.

“I’m thrilled to be linked to the MassCUE community through this new ambassador program,” said Cooney. “This will be a chance for me to network with other educators and to share our knowledge about the latest technology options to help all students thrive.”

Congratulations to Lori Cooney on this honor!